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May 11, 2015

Career Day 2015

We are glad to invite you to a Burch Career Day 2015 which is going to be held on May 13, 2015. This event is of the high importance for you. Sooner or later you will be in the process of job seeking so it is better to use this opportunity to make your connections for the internship and job opportunity.

Career Day Program:

10:00am - 10:15am – Intro speech

10:15am - 11:30am - Boljiposao.com workshop and job interview simulation

11:30am - 01:00pm – Companies stands visit

Career Day Success Checklist

Before the event:

  1.  Create or update your resume
  2.  Make enough copies of your resume(s) so you can present one to each organization that interests you
  3.  Prepare questions to ask the organizations' representatives.

At the event:

  1.  Dress professionally.
  2.  Carry copies of your resume(s) and any materials you may need to reference.
  3.  Meet as many employer representatives as possible
  4.  Hand your resume to representatives of the organizations for which you might like to work, and collect their business cards. Ask for referrals within the company if the representative knows of opportunities for your field of interest or geographic preference.
  5.  Ask company-specific questions and start building relationships that can lead to opportunities later.

After the event:

  1.  Write down notes about conversations you had with recruiters. If you wait too long you might forget what you said to whom.
  2.  Within a few days, send a thank you note to each recruiter with whom you talked – especially if you are considering future opportunities with the organization.
  3.  Remember to apply online after the fair if the recruiter instructs you to!