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BBC Seminars

Thinking that your current study program is not enough for you to find your career path?

Lucky for you we have launched Burch Business Center especially for this occassion. 

Burch Business Center (BBC) is also launched to strengthen cooperation between Burch University and business community, creating platform for networking and cooperation of local and international companies as well as providing benefit to entrepreneurship and economics in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

BBC is having 2-3 seminars every month with focus on many different areas in which you may be interested. This is a great place to meet new people which are coming from business sector. Also, you can directly ask them about the fields you are interested in and also about the sector in which they are working.

For every BBC seminar there are 5 seats reserved for Burch students. Other are for the company representatives. If you want to participate to certain seminar email your request to [email protected]

To check the schedule of the seminars click HERE