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Self Discovery

Before you start researching careers or jobs, it's a good idea to consider what makes you tick. Discover your strengths, preferences, and passions, and see how you can get paid to work at what you enjoy. 

As you research the right career for you, take a moment to think about what your strengths and talents are, and what inspires and excites you. Do you prefer working with things, or with people? Do you prefer working indoors or outdoors? Where do your interests intersect with your work-specific skills?

What is the best work environment for you? Is your top priority a career that is stable, exciting, rewarding, or creative – or maybe a combination of those qualities? There are jobs that fit each of those priorities, and you can discover one that’s right for you.

Try creating a “wish list” of everything you want from a job and your lifestyle. Maybe you’ll discover some job possibilities that include several things on your list.

Considering these possibilities and answering these questions will help you discover who you really are and tailor your search to careers and jobs best suited for your personality.